Bocconi University Admission for Bachelor Programs – 2020

When to Apply for a Bachelor Program:

Bocconi offers total 3 rounds of selection sessions for Bachelor Programs 2020/21 AY

  1. Early Session: first round mainly committed to second-last year secondary school students (2018/19 Junior year students), ready to apply ahead of time for the 2020/21 AY.
  2. Winter Session: second round open for the last year secondary school students (2019/20 Graduation year students) and for students coming from different Universities. The majority of places available will be assigned by the end of this round;
  3. Spring Session: third round that appoints remaining places (around the 10-15 % of total places available). It is available for last year’s secondary school students (2019/20 Graduation year students) and for those students who come from different Universities.

Selection Process Deadlines:

2020/21 AY  
Session Rounds
Online Application’s Deadline Bocconi Test Result
Early session 28 Mar ’19 — 5 Jun ’19
12:00 noon Italian time (GMT +1)
28 Jun 2019 19 Sep 2019
Winter session 29 Oct ’19 — 14 Jan ’20
12:00 noon Italian time (GMT +1)
31 Jan 2020 5 Mar 2020
Spring session 12 Mar ’20 — 2 Apr ’20
12:00 noon Italian time (GMT +1)
24 Apr 2020 28 May 2020

Note: As competition is extremely serious, candidates are suggested to apply as quickly as time permits. In actuality, early applications can have a more chance to be successful, to meet financial aid or scholarship opportunities and to regard all the student visa deadlines (set for NON-EU candidates).

Selection Process for Bachelor Programs 2020/21 AY

Consistently, Bocconi University chooses the best candidates and sets various students who can be admitted so as to ensure the best inviting conditions and success in an academic way and to encourage the passage of Bocconi’s Graduates in the expert world.

24 first-year classes will be initiated for the academic year 2020/21 AY. Each single bachelor program has a different number of classes and places.


Prior to beginning the online application, it will be important to check the following aspects:

  • Category of Applicant: Check whether you can apply as an “Italian Candidate” or as an “International Candidate”.
  • Selection Test: It is possible to apply in the determination with one of the following test:
    1. with the official score of a SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) or ACT (American College Testing) test. The results must be accessible by the application deadline.
    2. by sitting the Bocconi selection test
  • Secondary school diploma: It would be ideal if you cautiously confirm the secondary school diploma requirements for enrollment just as the particular certificate necessities combinations. Profiles of applicants whose secondary school diploma doesn’t meet the essential prerequisites won’t be taken into consideration for admission.