Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Chalmers University of Technology is an examination escalated university, ceaselessly appraised as the best referred to and also the best-rumored university in Sweden, in yearly open overviews. Chalmers likewise gets top scores on learning by understudies in the International Students Barometer.

With in excess of 70 nationalities spoke to and 40 English encouraged two-year ace’s projects Chalmers is an exceptionally dynamic global university. Out of 10 000 understudies, 1 000 are worldwide ace’s understudies. Grounds life is inviting, liberal and assorted. The area in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second greatest city, on the wonderful west drift makes for incredible occasions, contemplates aside, regardless of whether you lean toward open-air life or urban delights.

The learning air is liberal and casual, empowering autonomous reasoning and imagination in the handling of complicated genuine issues with hypothetical information – a fruitful domain for advancement. With this comes an honest to goodness pioneering soul, epitomized in the auxiliary Chalmers Ventures. Its profoundly positioned business hatcheries are ensuring new thoughts finds their approach to business utilize.

Established as an industrial school for poor youngsters in the 1829 Chalmers University of Technology has been profoundly established in the necessities of the business and focused on societal improvement from that point onward.

The soul of the Chalmers heritage is communicated in the vision – for a feasible future. A dream, not to be valued by a picked few gaining practical experiences in manageability matters. Rather, the vision is penetrating all exercises at the university: examine, training, use and day by day life on two grounds. Courses tending to ecological issues and maintainability has been coordinated in all projects for over three decades.

The Chalmers University of Technology conducts investigate in various front-line frameworks, for example, its spotless room, Onsala Space Observatory and AstaZero – the world’s first full-scale test condition for street wellbeing. Europe’s greatest ever look into activity, the Graphene Flagship with a financial plan of € 1 billion, is composed by Chalmers.

As a major aspect of a significant duty to usage, Chalmers has vital associations with globally prestigious cutting edge organizations, for example, Volvo, Ericsson, SKF and AstraZeneca. The nearby connects to industry and society portrays the instruction and in addition, the exploration directed at the university, and it gives astounding profession chances to understudies.


Programs in Chalmers University of Technology:

  • Interaction Design and Technologies, MSc
  • Applied Mechanics, MSc
  • Automotive Engineering (MPAUT)
  • Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability, MSc
  • Architecture and Urban Design (MPARC)
  • Biotechnology, MSc
  • Innovative and Sustainable Chemical Engineering, MSc
  • Materials Chemistry, MSc
  • Design and Construction Project Management (MPDCM)
  • Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering, (MPIEE)
  • Sound and Vibration, MSc
  • Structural Engineering and Building Technology, MSc
  • Computer Science – algorithms, languages and logic (MPALG)
  • Computer Systems and Networks (MPCSN)
  • Data Science (MPDSC)
  • Embedded Electronic System Design (MPEES)
  • High-Performance Computer Systems (MPHPC)
  • Software Engineering and Technology, MSc
  • Electric Power Engineering, MSc
  • Industrial Ecology, MSc
  • Sustainable Energy Systems, MSc
  • Materials Engineering, MSc
  • Engineering Mathematics and Computational Science, MSc
  • Lärande och ledarskap (MPLOL)
  • Nanotechnology, MSc
  • Wireless, Photonics and Space Engineering, MSc
  • Complex Adaptive Systems, MSc
  • Physics (MPPHS)
  • Industrial Design Engineering, MSc
  • Product Development (MPPDE)
  • Production Engineering, MSc
  • Maritime Management (MPMAR)
  • Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, MSc
  • Biomedical Engineering (MPBME)
  • Communication Engineering, MSc
  • Systems, Control and Mechatronics, MSc
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Design, MSc
  • Management and Economics of Innovation, MSc
  • Quality and Operations Management, MSc
  • Supply Chain Management, MSc


Rankings of Chalmers University of Technology:

Overall Score: 53.6
Academic Reputation: 28.8
Employer Reputation: 67.3
Faculty-Student: 69.4
Citations per Faculty: 69
International Faculty: 94
International Students: 56.1


Students in Chalmers University of Technology:

Total students: 9,209(55% undergraduate students & 45% postgraduate students)
International students: 1,821 (18% undergraduate students & 82% postgraduate students)