Leiden University, Netherlands

Leiden University has been raising personalities, spearheading research and having a certifiable effect since 1575. Expand your perspectives through one of our 12 English-encouraged single man’s projects or 78 ace’s projects from our 7 resources: Archeology, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Governance and Global Affairs, Medical Sciences, Humanities and Law.

Leiden University joins individuals and information from all sides of the world. Right now, there are around 29,000 understudies over the two grounds, with 16% originating from more than 121 countries.

Nowadays, the university has likewise a grounds in The Hague. The two urban communities are situated in the Western piece of the Netherlands and are inside 20-30 minutes of the universal air terminal. Besides, there are brilliant prepare associations with other European terrain urban areas, for example, Brussels, Paris and Berlin.

Leiden is a run of the mill university city: the understudies who live and examine in Leiden give the city its loose, yet energetic air. It’s a little and safe city in the core of Western Europe with numerous universal understudies. The recorded focus has numerous wonderful sixteenth and seventeenth-century structures and is bungled by waterways, giving it a medieval vibe. The university structures, new and old, are spread all through the city. Be that as it may, you will never in excess of a 10-minute bicycle ride far from your university goal.

The Hague The Leiden University’s Campus The Hague is only ten minutes via prepare from the city of Leiden. In the legal capital of the world, home of the International Court of Justice and the Peace Palace, programs dependent on the subjects of peace and equity are offered inside the Dutch and worldwide setting. The Hague is a cosmopolitan city overflowing with style and culture, brimming with parks, rich homes, international safe havens and non-government associations. The city has dependably been the seat of national government and the official living arrangement of the Dutch rulers. It is additionally a standout amongst the most global urban communities in the Netherlands, with more than 40% of the populace being contained exiles.

Leiden University will add to your scholastic and your self-improvement. Other than going to addresses, you will do your very own investigation into themes that are pertinent to society today. Draw in with our speakers, who are eminent for their historical research and overall systems. The advantage from the individual and intuitive classroom encounter.

In its about 450 years of presence, our university has constructed a strong notoriety. We welcome you to follow in the strides of our 15 Nobel Laureates, and other striking graduated class, for example, King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands, our current head administrator Mark Rutte and universal DJ Armin van Buuren. Also previous US president JohnQuincy Adams, Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, and Albert Einstein! Leiden University’s great name will enable you to discover work after you graduate.


Facilities of Leiden University:

Leiden University appreciates two areas: the university town of Leiden, and the clamoring, stately International City of Peace and Justice, The Hague. The urban areas are the grounds foundation for the university. Leiden offers the primary personnel structures for our Science, Law, Social and Behavioral Science, Humanities, Medical Sciences, Archeology resources, and in addition the Plexus Student Center, the University Library, the University Sports Center and the fundamental Academy Building for the university. Understudies likewise approach the Hortus Botanicus (professional flowerbeds) of the University.


Student Life of Leiden University:

Concentrate in the Netherlands is an amazing decision for some reasons. The nature of instruction is high, the incentive for educational cost is great, there is no dialect obstruction as about everybody communicates in English, and the understudy encounter is awesome! This applies to Leiden University too, as understudies have numerous choices to draw in with the university and different understudies crosswise over Leiden and The Hague.

We begin with either The Hague Orientation Program (HOP Week) or the Orientation Week Leiden (OWL Week) to enable understudies to coordinate into their city, meet different understudies, have a ton of fun, meet their faculty and care staff, and even purchase a bicycle! This is seven days for understudies to feel welcome and at home before they start their classes. It’s not to be missed.

Once you’ve landed there are a few administrations accessible from understudy lodging, worldwide understudy counsels, social and mental help and the sky is the limit from there, just on the off chance that you require it. There are numerous social clubs, sports clubs and study affiliations that appreciated worldwide understudies also. Gatherings, for example, the International Student Network (ISN), Leiden United, and all the investigation affiliations that are a piece of resources/programs are available to you. You won’t be at a misfortune to discover something extracurricular to do!


Programs of Leiden University:

  • Archaeology
  • International Relations and Organisations
  • Psychology
  • LUC The Hague / Liberal Arts & Sciences: Global Challenges
  • Security Studies
  • Arts, Media and Society
  • Dutch Studies
  • International Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives
  • South and Southeast Asian Studies
  • Urban Studies
  • Archaeology
  • Archaeology (research)
  • Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology
  • Developmental Psychopathology in Education and Child Studies (research)
  • Education and Child Studies
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Psychology (research)
  • Advanced Studies in Air and Space Law
  • Advanced Studies in European and International Business Law
  • Advanced Studies in European and International Human Rights Law
  • Advanced Studies in European Tax Law
  • Advanced Studies in International Children’s Rights
  • Advanced Studies in International Civil and Commercial Law
  • Advanced Studies in International Tax Law
  • Advanced Studies in Law & Finance
  • Advanced Studies in Law and Digital Technologies
  • Advanced Studies in Public International Law
  • Crime and Criminal Justice
  • European Law (ENG)
  • Public International Law (ENG)
  • Crisis and Security Management
  • Cyber Security
  • International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Political Science and Public Administration (research)
  • Public Administration
  • Astronomy
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • ICT in Business
  • ICT in Business and the Public Sector
  • Industrial Ecology
  • Life Science and Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Media Technology
  • Physics
  • Statistical Science for the Life and Behavioural Sciences
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Farmacie/Pharmacy
  • Geneeskunde /Medicine
  • Vitality and Ageing
  • African Studies
  • African Studies (research)
  • Arts and Culture
  • Arts and Culture (research)
  • Asian Studies
  • Asian Studies (research)
  • Classics and Ancient Civilisations
  • Classics and Ancient Civilisations (research)
  • History
  • History (research)
  • International Relations
  • Latin American Studies
  • Latin American Studies (research)
  • Linguistics
  • Linguistics (research)
  • Literary Studies
  • Literary Studies (research)
  • Media Studies
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Middle Eastern Studies (research)
  • Neerlandistiek/Dutch Studies
  • North American Studies
  • Philosophy (120EC)
  • Philosophy (60EC)
  • Russian and Eurasian studies
  • Theology and Religious Studies


Careers of Leiden University:

The Career Service offers bolster in the event that you have inquiries concerning your career, your own profile, the activity market and employment applications. It’s a smart thought to begin contemplating your future (scholarly) profession as ahead of schedule as your first year of studies. You ought to acquaint yourself with the activity advertise, draw up an individual profile and begin taking a shot at your CV. Leiden University would be cheerful to encourage you.

Your profession counselor can assist you with planning your career, take in more about the activity market and offer shape to your own profile. Indeed, even in your first year of concentrates your career guide can offer tips and guidance for your future profession.

A profession guidance meeting can cover angles, for example,

  • Talking about your (scholastic) profession (e.g. low maintenance employments, temporary jobs, additional curricular exercises)
  • Career testing
  • Investigating what positions and sorts of boss would suit you best
  • Developing your system
  • Inspecting your characteristics, interests and what drives you (your own profile)
  • Finding out about where and how you can gather data about positions and associations
  • Checking your CV and introductory letter
  • Tips about your LinkedIn profile
  • Getting ready and honing for prospective employee meet-ups
  • Every staff additionally has a profession benefit committed to you and your readiness for the activity showcase or proceeded with instruction.


Ranking of Leiden University:

  • Overall Score: 55
  • Academic Reputation: 65.1
  • Employer Reputation: 29.1
  • Faculty-Student: 33.6
  • Citations per Faculty: 65.4
  • International Faculty: 78.5
  • International Students: 43.3